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Following on the success of our previous field trips to the medieval cities of Ireland known for their history and numismatic heritage, NSI-NB members were joined by the parental society reps on our visit to the Armagh Public Library, the oldest public library in Northern Ireland. The library hosts a stunning collection of coins and artefacts from ancient to modern times, alongside the books and manuscripts related to the history and art of numismatics. Thanks to the effort by John Rainey and unmatched kindness of our hosts, Carol, Rachael and Dean Gregory Dunstan, we had the most wonderful and rewarding experience of interacting with history through coins, medals maps and books, and learning on the go a few facts that challenged our knowledge and fuelled our burning interests in local history. 

Society Field Trip to Limerick and Galway 21st to 23rd August 2015

The Society members took a tour of the Irish countryside to visit Limerick and Galway in the late days of August. The cities are well known for their hammered and milled coinage from medieval times through the Williamite-Jacobite War in Ireland, and we were hoping to experience their numismatic heritage and historical records in situ. Our quest turned out to be something more than just a museum visit, and brought some unexpected observations and reflections to feed our thought and discussions in the grey days of autumn.  

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