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6 April 2018

NSI (NB) Regular Meeting (Denman International)

With their realm, stretched from the Indus Valley in the west to the eastern Aegean coast in the east at the peak of their power, Achaemenids (6th to 4th centuries BC), the first great Persian Empire, was the largest known to the ancient world. Mentioned in Western history as the antagonist of Greeks during Greco-Persian wars and renowned for the emancipation of the Jews in Babylon under Cyrus the great, Achaemenids’ essentially sophisticated system of political administration contributed largely to the evolution of the early coinage. Stereotyped by the modern literature and cinema as the ultimate threat to the young Athenian democracy, Darius I the Great is probably best known to many for the crashing defeat of his invasion forces at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. Although to the faithful disciples of ancient numismatics he is also well known for the first Persian coins, the chunky gold darics and silver sigloi with the image of a royal archer on one side, which he instituted along with the weight and measure standards as a means of unifying the economy and trade across the vast Empire. These coins became a global currency standard for nearly two centuries that witnessed the power and the fall of the Persian Empire to the yopung Macedonian King Alexander III. In this talk, Dr Ali Aravand, Member NSI-NB, will revisit the events and coinage of the Achaemenid Empire and its satrap kingdoms. Come along to indulge your mind on the wonders of ancient history and to examine first-hand the first Persian coins that bear a silent witness of the deeds, dreams and mishaps of the great Persian Kings.

The meeting starts at 19:30 at Cooke/Instonians RFC, Shaws Bridge Sports Association, 123 Milltown Road, Belfast, BT8 4XP.

1 September 2017

NSI (NB) Regular Meeting (Denman International)


David Guest, Numismatist, Classical Numismatic Group, presents a talk entitled "Unicorns, Thistles and Renaissance Realism: The Coinage of James III of Scotland." 

David has an MA from Cambridge University where he read History at Fitzwilliam College. A specialist in British coins and medals, his expertise covers the Ancient Celts, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Medieval and Early Modern hammered coinage, as well as the early milled series. In addition, David handles the Anglo-Gallic issues and the coins of Ireland and those of his native country, Scotland. Formerly of Spink, David now works in the CNG London office acquiring items for stock and consignments for auction.

The meeting starts at 19:30 at Denman International, Clandeboye Road, Bangor, BT20 3JH.

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