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3 June 2016

NSI (NB) Annual General Meeting

Society members meet for the last time before breaking for summer vacations. The necessary arrangements for the summer field trips and visits will have been made and Society will re-convene in September 2016 for a new round of regular meetings and events. 

6 May 2016

NSI (NB) Regular Meeting

'Napoleon's Euro' by Neil McCormick

8-10 April 2016

Annual BANS Congress, Colchester

The Society hosted two BANS Congresses in Belfast and makes regular appearance at the BANS events. This year members of the Society will attend the BANS Congress in Colchester to catch up with fellow collectors and friends and to ensure that our activities contribute to a broader agenda of the BANS. 

1 April 2016

NSI (NB) Regular Meeting

Celestial bodies often appear on ancient coins of the Celts and Romans, indicating their divine nature and sacred meaning for ancient people. Comets and meteorites on ancient coins help researchers to establish exact chronology of the events, and to the ordinary collectors these numismatic records of extraterrestrial events always draw awe and admiration. In his focus talk 'Meteorites on Ancient Coins', David Collins will explore the meaning and impact of the sky events on the life and thought of ancient people. A display of the coins will be provided to illustrate the talk.   

4 March 2016

NSI (NB) Regular Meeting

The focus talk 'The Story of the Half-Crown' presented by Desmond Rainey aims to review the key aspects of the emergence of the half-crown currency and its evolution throughout the history of British coinage. A display of the half-crown pieces will illustrate the key dates and developments of the currency.  

20 February 2016

NSI-NB Belfast Coin Club

Join the NSI-NB Belfast Coin Club in the Linenhall Library Belfast this Saturday at around 10:30am for a coffee and chat on the coins and medals.  

8 JANUARY 2016, 8:00 PM, SBSA

NSI (NB) Regular Meeting


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