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Coin and Medal Dealers in Belfast

Fair Price, Free Advice!

Guide to buying coins in Belfast

As a wise man lamented once, coin collecting is the only hobby where you may spend all your money and still have some left. If you collect Irish coins, tokens and banknotes, there is no place better than Belfast to indulge on local specialties. Throw yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of St. George's Market, the last surviving Victorian covered market and the oldest attraction in Belfast, on Fridays and weekends to discover Ulster delicatessen, crafts and music. Browse absorbedly through the stalls of bric-a-brac antiques and spend time chatting with Stephen Mulhern about coins and medals. You may find something to suit your taste in his boxes full of rare delights, at a price which beats Dublin mercilessly. If you are up for the Irish notes, postcards and medals, meet Billy Seawright at the Belfast Antiques and Collectors Fair, St. Nicholas Church Hall, 9 Cadogan Park, (off Lisburn Road, Belfast), on the first Saturday of each month. 

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