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The Numismatic Society of Ireland (Northern Branch) first met in 1963 as a group of local enthusiasts and scholars to share their interest in the history and art of world coinage. For over 50 years our Society has been promoting the hobby and the study of coins locally and across Ireland and the UK. We meet regularly to exchange news, display recent acquisitions and raise awareness of emerging market trends, discoveries and opportunities. JOIN US to find out for yourself the joy and challenge of coin collecting and studying! Young members with an interest in coins and medals are particularly welcome, and will benefit a lot from our expertise and support! 


Ancient Coins (VII c. BC - IV c. AD)

- Classical Greek and Roman coins;

- Gods and deities on ancient coins;

- Greek kingdoms of Asia Minor: historical timeline and portraiture;

- Celtic coins; 

- Teaching history of ancient world through coins and medals.

Medieval Europe (V - XV c. AD)

- Viking coinage;

- Anglo-Gallic coins;

- Medieval English and Scottish coins;

- Medieval Russian coins.

Irish Coins

- Hiberno-Norse coinage;

- Hiberno-Manx coins;

- Irish medieval coins;

- Gunmoney and Limerick besieged coinage;

- Irish free state coins;

- Irish tokens, medals, badges and militaria. 


- Mint errors;

- Modern British and Irish art medals;

- Numismatics of political conflicts;

- Numismatic bibliography;

- Numismatic curiosities. 

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