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Numismatic photography is an art per se, as you may come to believe by browsing our GALLERY. It is tender and calls for a lot of skill and dedicated effort. Its impact is measurable, whether it be a photograph for an auction catalogue or public presentation. A good photograph always requires prior research on the background history and informative tagging, best choice of the specimen, which frequently is not the finest specimen at hand, careful installation of light and background, as well as skillful digital correction. A photograph should simultaneously celebrate the standard design and highlight the deviations that would point to the events in the history of the object, as well as people and technology behind it. Above all, artistic photography appeals and makes impact by changing attitudes and leaving long-lasting impression on the connoisseurs, investors, students and occasional viewers. Below you can find some of the useful links to coin photography tips and tricks.    

Camera Jim's Guide to Coin Photography - 'My Approach to Coin Photography'

WikiHOW - 'How to Photograph Coins'

Doug Smith's Ancient Coins - 'My Current Coin Photo Rig'

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