'Collector's Choice' by Desmond Rainey (NSI-NB)

In this article, Desmond Rainey, in a series of numismatic highlights, unwraps a two-millennia history of the United Kingdom coinage, exploding from earliest Celtic imitative coins into the artistic marvels of the 19th and 20th centuries. The key historical events and figures are traced through the footprint they left on our numismatic heritage. Special attention is given to the impeccable choice of numismatic materials best illustrating major milestones that defined and shaped the currency and coinage system we are currently proud of. Although not being an academic treatise of the subject, this article in the blink of an eye takes the reader through the complex relationships between coins, arts, politics, and, above all, people making best use of this conduit of prosperity and wealth that coins used to be in the times past. Read the full story here..

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