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"A Numismatist’s Quest for Inspiration" by Dr Alexey Shitvov

The second edition of the NSI-NB Show-and-Tell Competition was all about inspiration. In fact, for a collector on a hunt it is not an uneasy task to explain, even to the closest people, what drives their curiosity, powers their effort, and inspires their spendings. The competition was aimed to celebrate the power of inspiration, as the willing participants gutted the drawers in search of an item that inspired them in one way or another. As the result, ten excellent entries were received from members of both branches of the Numismatic Society of Ireland. Their inspiration arose from the nude of the French medallic art, astonishing skills of the amateur engravers capable of squeezing a whole prayer onto the flan of a small coin, from the bonds of friendship grown between a rescued chicken and a collector broiling with impatience to show off his otherwise unspectacular coins to a living soul that would definitely take a peek at them. Read the full story here.

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