"A Festive Tale of a Skint Numismatist vs. London Christmas Book Fair" by Dr Alexey Shitvov (NSI-NB)

A true numismatist can see a coin anywhere, looking at the moon, or at the profile of their beloved ones, you name it. Antique books and ephemera are not my area of collector’s interest, but I appreciate the opportunity for learning, as well as bargain, that printed works may present for a discerning eye. While visiting the Bloomsbury Christmas Book Fair at the Holiday Inn Hotel London in Coram Street on the morning of Saturday 4th December, in the serried ranks of antique and collectable first-editions and autographed books I did not find much of the festive literature, although I spotted a couple of 17th century works in Latin on ancient coins and medals. Given that I had only a redonkulous budget of £20 to spend, I decided to look no further, but to browse through a box of assorted cuttings and handwritten letters on one dealer’s stall. Read the full story here..

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