'The Story of an Irish Saint Portrayed on a German Jeton' by Alan Dunlop (NSI-NB)

As the Western Roman Empire fell in AD 476, the Christianity was yet spreading throughout Europe. The Gaelic monks from Ireland and the western coast of Scotland set off to bring the light of the Christian faith to Gaul and the rest of Europe as early as AD 563. Over the centuries that followed many Irish missionaries distinguished themselves in the field of converting notable barbaric kings and establishing monasteries and cathedrals on the continent. Saint Kilian, the Apostle of Franconia, was one of the chosen. Born in ca. AD 640 in Cloughballybeg, near Mullagh, Co. Cavan, Ireland, he suffered the martyrdom on 8th July 689 at the castle of Würzburg. Since then he remained one of the most venerated Christian Saints in Eastern Germany. This short article highlights the numismatic legacy of St. Killian's deeds through an unappealing at first sight Nuremberg jeton portraying the Saint with the attributes of his mission and fate. Read the full story here..

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