'A Derry Connection to the Eighty Years’ War/The Dutch Revolt 1566-1648' by Alan Dunlop (NSI-NB)

The late 16th through early 17th centuries was a period of great turmoil throughout Europe, both political and religious. It was a period of complex political alliances, religious conflicts and global expansion of trade, all of which drew in the major powers of Western Europe. An interesting series of jetons was struck in the Spanish Netherlands at the time which document in numismatic form the course of the Eighty Years’ War - a major conflict between Spain and the Dutch of the United Provinces. The reasons for this conflict were longstanding and complex, drawing in the Holy Roman Empire, the Papacy, France and England, and it was fought on many fronts including Ireland. In his new article, Alan investigates the connections between the conflicts in the continental Europe and Ireland through the life and deeds of a notable English soldier and statesman, Sir Henry Docwra, using a Flandres jeton depicting the Battle of Turnhout (1597) as a storyteller. Read the full article here..

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