'An Uneasy Story of Early Irish Coinage' Presented by Alexey Shitvov, NSI-NB, to the South W

On Monday 3rd June 2019, Dr Alexey Shitvov,, NSI-NB, presented the first part of his 'non-academic' review of the early Irish coinage for the members of the South Wales & Monmouthshire Numismatic Society. The talk was warmly received by the audience of twelve members, followed by the discussion of the Irish history and current issues with metaldetecting finds and coin trade in Ireland. Alexey's presentation was inspired by the recent guest talk by Dr Martin Allen at the NSI-NB meeting on 1st march 2019 and it was supported by the members sharing information and photographs of coins from their personal collections. The development of the Irish coinage and its unique character were revisited in the context of the historical events that shaped Ireland from Celtic through Anglo-Norman The work is in progress and the next part of the review will be delivered next year. Watch the presentation slides here..

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