Numismatic Society of Ireland Northern Branch (since 1963) Leaflet Issue 2

The new edition of the NSI-NB leaflet has just been published! We aim to communicate our commitments to coin studies and ethical collecting, as well as to invite all those who wish to learn, share and discuss their observations on the Irish and World history in coins, banknotes, tokens and medals. For nearly three millennia coins have been representatives of power and wealth. Today, ancient and medieval coins help archaeologists and scholars to unveil the chronologies of the events and people of the past. They provide an unfailing source of inspiration for artists and amateur historians. However, as all material objects, they need people to speak their witness for them, to keep their provenance and to hand them over to the next generations of hobbyists and professionals, so that they would continue inspiring future enquiries and awe. View the leaflet here.

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