“Unicorns, Thistles and Renaissance Realism” - David Guest Unveiling the Renaissance Heritage of Sco

On the first day of September 2107, a young, yet most experienced in all matters of the hobby and trade, Scottish numismatist Mr David Guest visited, in passing, Belfast, where he had been invited to by the Numismatic Society of Ireland - Northern Branch (www.numsocirelandnb.com). He presented a talk, intriguingly entitled “Unicorns, Thistles and Renaissance Realism: The Coinage of James III, King of Scots”, concerning the innovative coinage of James III of Scotland. As usual for such an occasion, the event was hosted by Dr John F. Rainey, MBE, at the premises of Denman International in Bangor, Co. Down. Please read more about the event here.

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