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The Numismatic Society of Ireland (Northern Branch) first met in 1963 as a group of local enthusiasts and scholars to share their interest in the history and art of world coinage. For over 50 years our Society has been promoting the hobby and the study of coins locally and across Ireland and the UK. We meet regularly to exchange news, display recent acquisitions and raise awareness of emerging market trends, discoveries and opportunities. JOIN US to find out for yourself the joy and challenge of coin collecting and studying! Young members with an interest in coins and medals are particularly welcome, and will benefit a lot from our expertise and support! 

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Avail yourself of our immense expertise by submitting photographs of both sides of your unidentified coin, medal or token, ideally alongside a ruler, to get full details on what it is and some useful references. We DO NOT BUY OR SELL COINS, neither do we provide grading and evaluation services, but you can always contact COIN DEALERS in Belfast who will be happy to advise on the value and market prices. 

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This imitation of anonymous Abbasid dirham ca. AD 898-922 has been sold recently for $280 at CNG Electronic Auction 454. Reportedly, the coin was found near Newcastle, Co. Down, NI, in Feb. 2019. The coin was struck in Volga Bulgaria - a historic state that existed in 7th-13th c. at the confluence of the Volga and Kama Rivers in modern European Russia. If coins could ever speak, that would be an epic tale of 3000 mile journey through the lands, seas and hands of all kind.